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MidCap Financial

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MidCap Financial

sshape worked with MidCap Financial to redefine their working style and create an efficient, modern space that delivers individual privacy while encouraging collaboration and social interaction. The firm’s existing space featured over-sized work spaces and squandered valuable square footage on paper storage and underutilized conference rooms. sshape worked with MidCap to evaluate storage needs and introduced more efficiently sized offices and ergonomic, sit-stand workstations to accommodate both current staff and projected staff growth. The space also incorporates a new staff lounge to promote interaction and collaboration, coffee bars for refreshment, and a stair set to connect three floors of office space. The finished interior achieves MidCap’s goal of creating a healthy and social work atmosphere while reducing the firm’s future real estate costs through efficient use of square-footage.


Bethesda, MD

Square Footage
Approx. 46,500